Why Hire a Certified Association Manager?

text fileJust as the level of experience and education make a real difference in the ability of a real estate licensee to serve their client, and the commitment that Realtors make to high ethical standards adds tangible value
to the service they provide, so too does the credentialed professional association manager add tangible value to the association they manage.

A property manager is responsible for finding tenants for commercial or residential properties and for maintaining the property to a high standard of care.  The Association Manager is responsible for a scope of work that includes: Facilities Management, Association Communications, Community Leadership, Community Governance, Risk Management and Financial Management.  The Professional Community Association Manager (P-CAM) requires a minimum of 5 years management experience, course study in
all of the topics mentioned, culminating in a 2 day intensive inspection of a community association, followed by written responses to 10 questions about the community that results in a 80 to 100 page case study analysis that will, by most accounts, take more than 100 hours to complete over the 30 day period
allowed following the property inspection.

The value to a community association of hiring an experienced credentialed professional association manager is to reduce delinquencies, improve the appearance of the property through better maintenance decisions, reduce board burn-out, improve financial management and perhaps most valuable, establish “best practices” that will reduce conflicts between unit owners and board members, improve the quality of decision making and reduce management errors that inevitably lead to lawsuits, higher insurance
costs and community malaise.   Hiring a credentialed professional will improve the quality of life and real estate values.  The sage said that “you can’t buy happiness.”  You can invest in the happiness
and peace of mind of a community by hiring the right credentialed professional to run it.

Tom Simon owns WestGate Properties LLC, is a credentialed professional association manager, currently spending 3 ½ hours per day writing his P-CAM Case Study.  Deadline: Midnight, 11/15/2011